Monday, July 15, 2013

Phoneme Segmenting Puzzles

     They are here!!!  Finally they have been added to my Tpt store.  If you do not have these in your classroom, you will want them.  I love my set and my Kindergartners do too!  The printables come in both black and white, and a color version.  I know for me, ink is expensive and sometimes I would rather just color it myself than spend the extra money for colored ink.  The puzzles come in cards with dotted lines to show you where to cut.  You just print them out on card stock, color if needed, or use the color version.  Then cut out on the lines and laminate.  Students will then use the puzzles to segment the sounds in the word puzzles.  Each puzzle has the same amount of pieces as sounds.  For example, the apple puzzle has three pieces, one for each sound in the word.  Students will say /a//p//l/, and then blend the word back together as they touch each piece of the puzzle, saying each sound, and then say apple, and count the sounds saying 3.  I love these.  These really help the student who struggles to hear the different sounds in the words and gives them a little structure, or a starting point.  If they understand that each puzzle has the same number of sounds, then they already know that apple has 3 sounds, and then can focus on identifying the three sounds they hear.  They can also begin with the puzzle with only two sounds, and gradually move up as they get better with the skill.  Also, there is an assessment sheet called, "How Many Sounds, " attached.  I love this to quickly assess student progress with the skill, or to quickly see if they can transfer their new knowledge of the skill without the cards (the structure) and allows for them to quickly mentally practice what they were doing before with the puzzles.  This page can also be laminated or reproduced to also use as an extended activity or another center. Easily differentiated for students who are at different learning levels. I would recommend that you sandwich sized baggies to keep each separate puzzle in so students do not get them mixed up.  I just teach my students how to use them, and put them away before they get out a different one, and so far that has worked well.   I love mine and hope you love yours too!  Also, aren't they cute?  I would love to hear some feedback!!  I am making other themes, and they will be available soon.  God bless and happy teaching!!



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