Sunday, April 28, 2013

        The end of the year is often Crazy, but this year even more so than I  ever remember.  
          Ecclesiastes 9:10, "Whatever you do, do well" That is my prayer as I finish up the school year strong.  I want to make these last few weeks for my Kindergartners the very best they can be.  I finished with most of my DRA testing on Friday.  I am very proud of my classroom kiddos.  They did AWESOME!!! They did better than I expected, and I knew they would do well. Not only are they readers, but they love to read.  They love books and reading seems to be their favorite past time.  I love it!! The ultimate goal. I am getting ready to invite my parents in for a final conference, Aimsweb testing is next week, grade card assessing this week, my classroom needs to be packed up by the last day of school, preparing for an awards assembly, a field trip to the zoo, and it just goes on and on.  I just want to finish up strong and do my job very well. This is when we show just how much of a heart we have for our profession.  :)
      This week I've had my kindergartners and 16 Sixth graders in class, as well.  I've enjoyed having them this week.  So many of them I had as Kindergartners.  I've been pairing up Kindergartners with sixth graders for reading practice and extra math skill practice. It's been fun to watch the bigger students talk so nicely to the Kindergartners offering encouragement, and support as they work with them one and one.  I think it's been great for both classes.  I know my Kindergartners love reading to them.  My first class of Kindergartners are now seniors this year.  One of them caught me the other day and reminded me that I had promised to come to their graduation to cheer them on, if they would just stay in school and do their very best.  So I have a graduation to go to for my former students.  A deal is a deal!!!  So very proud of them too!  Hope you finish up the school year strong.  Best wishes!

Happy Teaching!