Saturday, December 20, 2014

     For Christmas this year, and every year, I got my students books.  They received a copy of, "No David!" a copy of " Sneezy the Snowman," and " Snowmen At Christmas,". I felt very blessed to be able to give  these.  I love giving books, of course, what teacher doesn't, right?  Being a teacher in a smaller community it is cool to be reading a book and have a student tell me they have that book at home and sometimes it is the same book I gave to one of their siblings when I had them in Kindergarten. I love knowing that the book gifts of the past are still giving and being used.  This year I also made solar North Pole lights, I called them Cozy Lights to go home with the books to make holiday reading time a little cozier.  The lights were something I found on Pinterest, and then adapted it to my classroom needs.  The kiddos liked them. Here is a picture.  God is good.  
    To celebrate the Christmas holiday we had a two week theme on Gingerbread stories.  The theme was common core based and involved a Comparison chart that we use to compare and contrast the different stories I use in the theme.  My classroom kiddos loved it!  Covered the hallway with brown paper to make a Candy House, to go with the theme.  
     Then we read the story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and made these cute cookies.

        For our Christmas party I always do Goody Bags instead of a Present Exchange.  The reason for this is mostly expense.  With a Goody bag every student brings in one item for the bag.  The Goody bags for the hoys are the same and the Goody bags for the girls are the same.  Or that is the goal anyway.  With a present exchange even buying a small gift if you have more than one child in the family can add up pretty fast, the amount the family chooses to spend with the Goody Bag is optional.  This year the boys had blinking noses, candy canes, gloves, popcorn, a puzzle, a motorcycle that was small and plastic, an activity book, a yo-yo, candy, a Pez dispenser, a ring, a whistle, a pencil and eraser, etc.  The girls bags had a small purse, a coloring book, an activity book, bracelets, a ring, gloves, popcorn, candy canes, and more.  They made out like bandits!  So much fun.  Buying bags are expensive, so I got bags from a local grocery store and decorated them.  They are a little time consuming, but not too bad.  I like to number the boys bags and do a drawing for each numbered bag and then do the same with the girl bags, then we say go and everyone opens.  It is a lot of fun.  It helps to do this too if you have a student with an allergy because you can keep that bag can be kept    separate and know exactly what's in it.