Sunday, July 14, 2013

         Finally, some of my summer projects are ready.  I've opened a TPT store and I am very excited.  Here is one of the games, and there is actually many ways to use it.  Suggestions on how to play the game and how to easily differentiate to meet the needs of all of your students using the game is all ready and comes with the download.  The game includes numbers 1-10 and then 11-20.  You can make up enough for every student to have a game board, or play partners, or for small groups.  This makes an awesome workstation activity or to do for morning work as they are waiting for the bell.  Just download and copy on card stock, and then laminate for durability.  Good luck and happy teaching!  I have a lot more ant themed activities coming.  I will be using the ant themed activities at the beginning of the school year to teach common core objectives and all the activities will go along with an ant farm. With the ant themed activities and games I have made up, I will be using the ant them to teach with literature that is fiction, informational text, and poetry. I have made up printables for reader's theatre, and shared reading.  I have games to practice letter recognition, lots of stuff.  Also, a must have are the phonemic segmenting cards. A must for every classroom! All of this will be up and ready very soon, so be sure to check back in for more ideas.  I also have a free down load for some printable worksheets that  go with the ant theme to look for words that begin with an a like in ant, or have n in the middle, or to find words that have a t at the end.  Also, located at my Tpt store, and that is a freebie!  Actually, I will have several freebies!  So be sure not to miss out!

Happy teaching!



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