Sunday, August 3, 2014

Peek-A-Boo Game
     I am really excited about this game.  It is called Peek-A-Boo!  Maybe you have seen the game where the whole class plays and one person takes a number while the rest of the class is covering their eyes.  Then they all take turns guessing to identify the missing number or numbers.  It is a great way to practice number identification, counting, and number sequencing.  I play this game often with my students, but wanted something a little more engaging for all students.  So I made this one, for the students to play in pairs.  It also has three pages of missing number practice for them to do on their own as independent practice and then two pages of before and after, to again allow for further independent practice and to expand on the learning of the activity.  I am going to love it and I hope you do too!  Please provide feedback!  It is available at 
www.  Praying for a great school year, and may God keep you and your students safe, happy, and successful.  God Bless!  If you have specific prayer requests for the classroom, I will be happy to pray for you.  Just leave me a comment telling a little of the specifics and I promise I will pray over it.  

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