Sunday, August 3, 2014

Less Than/Greater Than Center 

     Here is a Center to teach less than and greater than, that allows for independent, hands-on practice.  I was thinking for this skill I only had worksheets, and I needed something a little more engaging than a worksheet.   For this, you print it out on card stock, laminate for durability, and then cut it out.  Students read the card, it says either less than or greater than, and they use a clothes pin and clip the circle to answer.  The less than cards all have a purple border, the greater than cards have a green border, and the challenge cards are in red.  The challenge cards allow the students to use the numbers on the card to create their own problem.  I am looking forward to using these!  I also like clothes pins because they help with fine motor development and as a busy teacher with lots of skills to teach, it is hard to fit everything in everyday that my students need, so this allows for a little extra help in that area as we also get to work on other skills too.  They can also do these in the floor, at their desk, as a write the room task if you number them, or they can work with a partner and share their answers.  Happy Teaching and God bless.  I will be happy to pray for you and your students if you let me know what I am specifically praying for.  Thank you for visiting!  


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