Saturday, September 28, 2013

Getting A New Year Started:
     My group of sweeties this year is a younger bunch, and it has taken a little more time to begin seeing appropriate behavior in the classroom, the story carpet, Centers, hallway, bus, etc.  And if you think about it there is just a lot of routine to learn for a little person.   I am seeing lots of improvement though, because we may be small but we are mighty.  We are getting the hang of it, and every day we just get better than the day before.  Having said that, it reminds me of a quote that says, "fear mediocrity." Sorry I don't know the author or I would give credit.   I think that is so true, not that we will always excel in everything that we do, but we will never get there if we just decide to settle."  Our students need us to set high expectations, because without them, they will never achieve all that they can.  So having said that, I've met with several parents already and talked about expectations and appropriate behavior and together we've been brainstorming ideas to help their child improve.  Everyone needs to be on the same page, and using the same language is very helpful as well.  Next, pray, seriously, its the most important thing to do for  school, parents, myself, and students, community in which we serve, etc.  God gets the glory for the awesome things that will happen in the classroom with my students.  :)  Next, some students may need individual behavior plans to help give them find the right focus and motivation.  Getting to know students has helped a lot.  Each child is different and has different things that motivate them to do their best, find out what that is for every child in the classroom.  Next, I've been using tiger tickets and having a Friday afternoon auction, where my kiddos can spend the tickets.  They love this!!!  It also has helped with the concept of more and less, and counting.  I have a special group of students who continually earn 5 yellows in a row and they are what I call, "my yellow paws!"  These are the students who help me with special tasks, like set a good example in the hallway and are my hallway monitors, Door monitor, Bathroom leader, etc.  This helps students see others being recognized for making the right choices and having the right behaviors.  (The goal is everyone being recognized and encouraged so they too, can be a yellow paw). I hadn't done this before, but it has worked with this group. These students wear a special little name tag that identifies them as a helper for a special job.  Lots of encouragement and praise for everyone (5 positive comments to every 1 is the rule).   I like mailing out brag letters to my parents, and putting student pictures in Newsletters bragging on them, etc.  Positive phone calls are good.  My class made a special book about hallway behavior, and it has pictures of students using the correct behaviors and they like for me to read it. I use a parent communication folder with a daily behavior sheet and notes that go home everyday as well.  I hope you got some ideas that you too, can use to help your students be successful!  We have the best job there is.  One that allows us to serve by allowing us to do small things with GREAT LOVE! God Bless!

Happy Teaching!

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