Saturday, August 10, 2013

     Tiger Folder and Tiger Printables:
     I've been my posting my Tiger Printables for the last few weeks.  Well now, I am updating with all of the finished products.  These are what I will be using to begin the school year.  Here is a picture of my Tiger Folder that I use for parent communication.  With the Tiger Folder, parents get a copy of a daily behavior report, school information and forms, things like the school menu, newsletters or notes, etc.  I have used a classroom Tiger Folder for many years, and love it!  It's a great way to keep everything together so that everyone gets the latest communication and keeps things organized for students, parents, and of course, ME.  :)  

     The inside has both pockets labeled, one for things that need to be signed and/or returned to school.  The other for things that stay at home (need to be removed from the folder.)  Then there is a plastic pocket sheet that contains important information that parents may need to refer back to, for example, lunch menus, classroom activity schedules, home project information, etc.  Then there is a little plastic zipper pencil holder, but I label it for parents to use for money and notes that are going to school.  

     Here is a copy of the behavior sheet that goes home to parents everyday.  Several years ago I was only sending a behavior sheet home once a week (usually on Friday) and my parents asked that I do it everyday because if their child got in trouble earlier in the week, Friday was a little late to respond to it and I totally agree. So since then, my behavior sheet goes out daily so parents know immediately.  That seems to work better for everyone. Students color in the paw print to report on that day's behavior and it goes home for parents to initial in the box.  If students had a bad day behavior wise, the paw print will have the words, see note written on it and students will not color it in.  I then staple the note to the sheet for the parent.  I also have a parent note where I check off what the challenging behavior was and ask parents to sign.  When it is returned I drop it in the child's folder for documentation. Simple and consistent works best for me.  I have the behavior forms for months August through May and they will be uploaded to the Tpt store.  Just go to and type in Shelley Brown.  It will take you there.  Also available are the other Tiger Printables which now consist of a Word Wall topper in tigers, the Tiger Folder cover sheet, the behavior sheets, and name tags.  Enjoy!  Please comment!  I will be posting a freebie very soon, so be sure to check back in.  Have a super day and God Bless!

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