Sunday, August 18, 2013

     This week in the classroom we are doing a phonological awareness activity to the rhyme, "Mary Wore Her Red Dress."  We are substituting color words and instead of Mary using the word Tiger.  I also have a tiger who will wear a red shirt and then use construction shirts to put over the red shirt as we substitute the color words.  The  words to the rhyme go like this:
"Tiger wore his red shirt, red shirt, red shirt."
"Tiger wore a red shirt, all day long."  
Then substitute the word red for other color words.  Worksheets are available at my Tpt store, to go with this activity.  The first color word on each sheet is traceable, and then the students practice writing the color word on the lines.  Great for beginning of the year of Kindergarten!!  So fun too!  We also will use this activity again orally, and change the beginning letter in each of the color words, for silly phoneme substituting, after the students are familiar with the rhyme.  For example, /b/ "Tiger wore his bed shirt, bed shirt, bed shirt.  Tiger wore his bed shirt all day long!  :)  Oh yeah!!!
     Here is the really cute worksheets to go along with the rhyme where the students practice writing the color words and color Tiger's shirt to match.  There is one worksheet for each of the ten basic colors.  God Bless!

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