Thursday, July 16, 2015

Class T-shirts 
     Check out our class t-shirts. This is something I started doing for the kindergartners about four years ago.  I would get with my teaching partner and we would ask the Art teacher to help the students learn to draw tigers.  Then he would pick out the best three or four from each class.  We would then get a panel of students, parents, teachers, and staff to vote.  The best tiger from each classroom went on the front of the shirt.  It would look like this when it was finished.  Every student would write his/her name and with the names going on the back. Then we would wear our t-shirts on special days, for field trips, or special occasions.  

     I almost did'nt do the t-shirts this year, to be honest.  I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and it just seemed like more EXTRA, if you know what I mean.  But then we had spirit week, in honor of homecoming.  It was the last day, it is also purple and gold, and show your school spirit day, and as I was working breakfast duty that morning, I looked around and many, and I do many, as in a lot of students were wearing their former Kindergarten t-shirts, many squeezing in to it, so it would still fit.  So that lead me to thinking about how cool that was, and then how this year's Kindergarten was such an amazing bunch, and I decided that we couldn't let them get by without creating a classroom t-shirt too.  But I did know that my heart couldn't take doing the same t-shirt again, so my teaching partner and I put our heads together and this is what we came up.  I had seen one similar on Pinterest.  Don't we love Pinterest!!!  Anyway, this year the kiddos did self-portraits, and with their names on the back, and I scanned them and sent them off to the Printers.  This was the result!!

     I was so glad that we did the project.  It turned out awesome!  
Hope you are enjoying what is left of your summer.  I go back in to get my room started in a week and a half.  Already, planning at home though.  That is what we teachersdo!!!! I know you know exactly what I mean.  Enjoy!

God Bless!!!

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