Saturday, December 20, 2014

     For Christmas this year, and every year, I got my students books.  They received a copy of, "No David!" a copy of " Sneezy the Snowman," and " Snowmen At Christmas,". I felt very blessed to be able to give  these.  I love giving books, of course, what teacher doesn't, right?  Being a teacher in a smaller community it is cool to be reading a book and have a student tell me they have that book at home and sometimes it is the same book I gave to one of their siblings when I had them in Kindergarten. I love knowing that the book gifts of the past are still giving and being used.  This year I also made solar North Pole lights, I called them Cozy Lights to go home with the books to make holiday reading time a little cozier.  The lights were something I found on Pinterest, and then adapted it to my classroom needs.  The kiddos liked them. Here is a picture.  God is good.  

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